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Florian Italian
Restaurant  & Bar

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About Florian Italian Restaurant


The Best Italian Restaurant & Bar In Singapore City

Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar brings the ethos of la Serenissima Venice, right into the heart of Singapore.


Dine with us to experience the perfect combination of traditional

Italian food & sensorial pleasure, exciting the visuals, tastes and senses.

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Restaurant & Bar

Step into Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar's eclectic, modern dining spaces, and enjoy the best Italian cuisine Singapore's refined City Hall has to offer.

Situated on the first floor of Naumi Hotel Singapore, Florian features intimate indoor and beautiful calm alfresco seating options. When paired with our memorable menu choices, Florian offers you the perfect reason to take a trip to the city for any occasion.

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The Rooftop
@ Florian

The Rooftop @ Florian is a mesmerising sight to behold.


Situated on the 10th floor of Naumi Hotel Singapore, The Rooftop @ Florian features a beautiful infinity poolside venue, offering never ending views of the Singapore city skyline and instagram-worthy sunset scenes.

Currently offering an exclusive rooftop menu and hosting a variety of private events such as weddings and solemnisations, dining at The Rooftop @ Florian is truly a 'high'light on its own!

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Venues at Florian Italian Restauran
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Venetian Cuisine

Florian's delectable menu is a true inspiration of Venetian cuisine. Rich and varied, the flavours featured in Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar are highly influenced by the abundant mountains, coastline and fertile valleys in Veneto, Italy.

Discover the authentic visuals, tastes and scents of Italy as you savour our delicate Cichetti, feast on our signature Dry-aged Ribeye and traditional Seafood Stew, and relish our exquisite range of classic Italian flavours, from our range of Pizzas and Pastas.

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Cuisine and Menus at Florian Italian Restaurant

Events @ Florian

Elegance, Style & Romance Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar's rooftop venue makes it the perfect destination for weddings, solemnisations and other private events. Synergising alfresco dining with modern outdoor bar vibes, the gorgeous event space is set against stellar views of Singapore's skyline and boasts instagram-worthy sunset scenes.

A Taste of Italy - Elevate your wedding, solemnisation or private event with only the most exquisite tastes that Italy has to offer. Treat your guests to the best of Italian cuisine with a curated menu that features authentic, traditional tastes refined for the modern palate.

When you choose to host an event at The Rooftop @ Florian, we help you create memories that last a lifetime. Speak to us today.

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Events @ Florian Italian Restaurant
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